Thursday, 7 July 2011

A Spy Within.

"Was it intercepted!?" Asked sergeant Skalor as blood oozed from between the mighty fingers of his power fist. The lifeless body of the traitor hanging limp by the head in Skalor's deathly grasp. The pungent smell of ozone and burning flesh filled the air. The ship's dark corridor was deserted apart from the two marines and charred corpse. The only sign of life the flashing lights across the access panel reflecting on the rockrete walls and deamonic statues nearby.
"Only a small portion made it through sir." Replied the other marine viewing the data on the screen. "I doubt the fools will be able to interpret it."
"Do not underestimate them Firos. We must inform command at once!" he dropped the body to the floor and turned to look at Firos who was shifting uneasily. "What is it soldier?"
"It’s just, it’s our watch sir. Perhaps it would be better if the body wasn’t found by us? Let some other fools take the blame?"
Skalor sneered and turned away from him, what a pathetic coward he had to patrol with. Skalor had no fear of the wrath of his superiors. He even patrolled now just to get away from them and their vicious in fighting. "Keep me where the blood and glory is." That was his life motto. His face broke into a crooked smile as he spoke.
"Very well Firos. IF you don’t want a body to be found, then it won’t be."
Firos grinned as Skalor spun on him and with a sharp thrust embedded the crackling fist deep within his chest. A look of vague confusion flashed across Firos's face as he fell to the ground lifeless and silent.
"Pathetic." Muttered Skalor as his fist dripped once again with blood. He bent over his comrade’s remains and stripped his armour of anything valuable before dragging it to a nearby incinerator. His task complete the sergeant turned back down the arched corridor and headed in the direction of the vessels command centre.


The following is a classified data screen obtained from onboard the Nemesis Inferno, the flagship of the Crimson Wing.

Mechanicus Techs are currently analysing to decifer where the location is and we shall send adequate forces to combat the threat.

File sender was shortly terminated after transmission, may the Emporer protect their soul.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Darkness Gathers

He knelt motionless in the centre of the dark chapel, his eyes shut and head bowed. The only light the flickering candles on the skulls piled around the room and the glowing red symbols that encircled him. Barely breathing, his only sign of life was the twitching of the grimace on his face. The red brick building pulsed with dark power and from the ceiling hung banners and trophies, bodies of Xenos and humans alike. In the centre hung the largest, a black metal wing made of 4 pointed arrows suspended from huge chains that ran out of sight into the ceiling, the Crimson Wing. The temple was silent and cold. Then something changed. The candles flickered, the banners and his deep red cloak shifted in a non existent breeze and the ancient symbols around him crackled with evil intent. He heard it, barely there at first but growing little by little, a hoarse choking whisper in a thousand different tongues but all the same.
"Join us"
Morkeleb was no fool and knew this was no request sent by any military force but the power behind those words was a temptation he could not resist. He sensed no life in its otherworldly call but neither was there the harsh bitter metallic taint of those accursed Necrons. It was far too strong for another sorcerer and the Imperium would never sink to using the tongues of Xenos let alone communicate in any means unsanctioned by Terra. It was no Daemon of the warp either. He'd spent his entire life listening to their lies and this was one infinitely more deceitful. No this was something new, no not new, something old. Ancient, dark and full of power. It called out to his sorcerer soul; it pulled him with his own greed. The red light illuminating his features showing a cracked and malicious smile spread across his lips.
"So be it" He said out loud, opening his eyes and rising to his feet.
The red incantations around him evaporating into a deep mist and pouring back into his body. He inhaled, feeling the power seep into his pores, invigorating him. Shutting his eyes and tilting his head to the ceiling, he sighed with dark pleasure. Three loud clangs echoed from the doors at the end of the chamber, a flicker of annoyance passed across his face and without opening his eyes Morkeleb spoke
"Enter Lucivar."
The huge metal doors swung open and in strode the Terminator Lord, his many glass vials embedded in his golden armour bubbled and swished with the assortment of drugs he poured into himself daily.
"My Master" he knelt before him "the Psykers have detected a force. They are attempting to pin point its origin and ..."
"I know, Lucivar." Morkeleb raised his hand, his eyes still shut. "We have a new trinket to obtain. Ready the fleet for departure."
"What is our destination?" Asked Lucivar standing.
Morkeleb opened his eyes and smiled.
"We leave for the Brim system."

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

So this will be my first ever blog on here and what better way to start than with some lovely map campaign ideas! well first things first here's the map!